Dr Usui Reiki II  (practitioner Level)

Course Details:

After Completion you can set yourself up as a Reiki Practitioner 

  • Duration - 2 days , Location  Larnaca Cyprus, (Bring a packed lunch)  
  • Dr Usui Traditional Reiki System
  • Case Studies 9 in total including Distant Reiki.
  • Investment - €250  ( Introductory offer) 
  • You will receive your certificate after completion of the case studies.

Prerequisite for Reiki II  (2nd Degree) is to have completed Reiki  I (first degree) and to have  had a least 6 months experience working with Reiki I.

Please bring pen ,note book, bottle of water and  comfortable clothes.

Reiki II is the next step on your Reiki Journey ,  It is more work and commitment than Reiki I , but it is well worth doing and can really add an extra dimension to ones way of being , perceiving and interacting within  the world. 

Reiki II will also enable you to set up your own Reiki Practice and is the perfect complementary therapy to add to and combine with other therapies you may work with such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology and indian Head Massage. 

Dr Usui Reiki II  Course Details

Dr Usui Traditional Reiki System

  • Duration - 2 days teaching  (Bring a packed lunch) 
  • Case Studies :  9 case studies in total , including Distant Reiki Technique
  • On line support during your case studies
  • Follow up meeting in person or on line

The Course will cover:

  • Welcome and Review of your personal experience with Reiki so far. 
  • Code of Ethics 
  • The Reiki Symbols: Time will be given to becoming familiar  with drawing and using the Reiki symbols as tools . Giving you time to connect with the energy of each symbol , how do they make you feel? 
  • Distance Healing  - time will be given to practice distant Reiki
  • Introduction to Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity in our hands to feel areas  needing a bit extra  Reiki, usually in the aura . A transferable  skill that can be used in other therapies such as reflexology and Aromatherapy. 
  • Introduction to Gyoshi-ho: Sending Reiki with the eyes 
  • introduction to Hatsu Rei Ho Meditation  
  • Introduction to treatment spcae set up.
  • Guidence for insurance and organisational memberships
  • Details of case study requirements 

Course includes:

  • Reiki II certificate- received after completion of your case studies.
  • A Reiki II manual 
  • follow up meeting
  • Welcome Gift
  • Invitation to on line zoom reiki meditation group 

 Reading , Personal Experiences , Research and Practice forms an important  and exciting part of any course including Reiki. It is also an important tool for our Personal  Growth and Development. 

To open a book ,  experience, research and practice  and sharing with others , is  like turning a key into another world. A world that you may not have known, or may not have known so well, Reiki will help you walk through that door.

We never stop learning, growing , adapting and changing. This course will make an important contribution towards your Continued Professional and Personal Development. 

Please Send me a message for further information and to book your course using the form below.

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