Mural work in europe

When working large scale on public walls, I know that what we create is already home and can be enjoyed by passers by during  and after the creation process. i love working outside on such a large scale its sets my spirit and imagination free once again, and  I don’t have to figure out how to transport art across oceans. A friend also said its bringing painting to the people that would not go to the galleries.

It takes me a few days to detune from England and tune into the spirit of the land and the environment i am in. I love listening to stories from local people, the new sounds , colours and light of nature they all feed into the painting consciously and unconsciously on many levels. 

Vist the Riu d' Art project website link for more information about this wonderful project

The Water Carriers : Mural  2016

Working with artist and songwriter Phil Bird in the village of Riba-roja d'Ebre as part of the international arts project Riu d' Art.

 My part of the painting is inspired by the history , spirit of place and the nature of this beautiful historic village particularly the stories and photographs i was shown by local residents about the women who carried water on their heads up to the village from the river ebro.  water is a life sustaining element , that holds memories and transports life force it is powerful,gentle and calm.  I was amazed also to see photos  of the women racing through the village with heavy  ceramic pots full of water on their heads. 

Above : Section of the Mural painted in Riba Roja d Ebro 2016

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Mural Detail

panoramic photo of the mural nearing completion.  

Artist, musician and singer song writer Phil Bird. 

Mural Detail painted by Phil Bird.

Mural work 2015

I was excited to be part of the group of international artists selected to create site specific work for the village Riba Roja in Catalonia and enjoy collaborating ideas and imagery with fellow artists Phil Bird.  Please click the link for Video Interviews of the artists involved.


A video of the finished mural with incidental Music from the Village Church, to watch the interview with background music by Troubadour's Garden click here. 

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