Mural Project 2020  - France - La Baufre 

 Created in collaboration with artist and musician Phil Bird .

Juliette's connecting artists and musicians project

At first sight, the blank wall space of 20 metres long triggered an opening inside myself, a rush of excitement, possibility and potential  poured from my soul.

I love working large scale especially in the open air. natures sounds,  birds singing, the fluttering of bees wings.  Nature appears curios and is drawn to the colour, birds appear to sit and watch with interest.  

 I do not plan a painting with the logic of mind or brain. I  see , feel and look into a given space and balance the symphony of colour and vibration, shape and form , bringing out what I see through the medium of paint , making it visible to all. 

 Working at La Baufre has been a very special experience for me in so many ways. Special thanks to  the beautiful people who made this project possible  through their kindness and generous support  enabling us to bring this painting into being. Thank you xxx

Phil Bird plans his work in detail before a project, researching , sketching and bringing elements, myths and symbolism together. visit phil's website for more information about his painting, song writing , music and poetry. 

Here are some details of the mural 2020

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